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3 Changes

General information on the development of AirTraffic. Where it has been and where it is going.

3.1 In the next few releases...

A view of the future of the AirTraffic project. I would love to give dates of future releases but I simply can't. Ideally I can just move the items on this list to the change-log once the feature is implemented. The changes are small between releases, to have a fast release cycle, and have fast feedback (release early, release often; like ESR preaches).

The list of stuff that will have to be done for the client part of the AirTraffic in the next few releases. If you want to work on any of these points, please announce it on the airtraffic-devel mailinglist so that work can be coordinated between developers.

  1. Move from Corba to xml-rpc.
  2. Displaying of flight plans of the planes.
  3. Implement a better map/location projection scheme, taking into account the curving of the earth.
  4. Improve height and speed slider. Showing current, requested, min/max, landing and curse speeds and heights.
  5. Support for saving user settings to a XML file in user homedir.
  6. The client supports receiving data on static items in the simulation (scenery).
  7. Client supports the user changing the host where the meta-server runs in the client configuration.
  8. Additional information on specific planes can be shown
  9. Get bulk data such as sceneries over the http protocol from the server.
  10. ...

The additions and changes to the AirTraffic server in the upcoming releases.

  1. Moving away from CORBA to xml-rpc to make server location publishing much more straight forward. This will make the server more simple and the server will not need any extra libraries installed.
  2. Generate valid callsigns for the planes.
  3. Generating simple random scenery and sending it to clients.
  4. Collision detection *g*
  5. Simplistic handing off of planes entering/leaving the zone of control and airports.
  6. Notify the client of flights and their plans before they enter the controlled airspace.
  7. Reading pre-done scenery from a XML file to send to the client.
  8. Make the servers (sim and meta) listen to the TCP/IP ports.
  9. Move the ``reality engine'' (the thing that calculates the positions) into a process of it's own, to leave the server to just be a gateway of information.
  10. Use a simple http server to transfer scenery and other bulk data.
  11. ...

3.2 Change Log

Reverse chronological (newest events first) list of past events in the history of AirTraffic project.

18, Februari 2002
Release 0.3.3: First Interactive release.
02, Februari 2002
Release 0.3.2: First Graphical release.
04, Januari 2002
Release of 0.3.1: Meta- and Sim server IDLs are much improved. Added one thread for each network connection. Wrote an installer. Added 40+ unittests to the server code.
19, November 2001
First rewrite release. Basic program functionality and layout is in place. Basic networking is working. A client can connect to a server and exchange information with the server. A Basic interface has been designed, but much functionality is missing.
October 2001
Restarted a new rewrite again. This time looking like it's working out. Learned many things about the limits of my abilities to find memory leaks in C++. Re-wrote all of the previous work in around 1 week because i switched from C++ to python with corba for networking... if only I'd known earlier :/.
Long time
Development frozen because I moved countries (The Netherlands to Chile), and had to straighten out my life.
January 2001
Many many changes, rewrite is taking real shape now. Client and server have been given separate CVS trees. Basic networking works, as does XML sending/receiving. Redid the website, to make it more maintainable and up to date.
June 2000
Redesign and rewrite of AirTraffic 0.3 started. the 0.2 source code has been branched away into a separate branch of CVS as it is now marked as legacy code.
AirTraffic-0.2a released. Fixed a nasty bug with the selecting of planes, added an about box. Updated the airport distribution algorithm.
AirTraffic-0.2 released. The first playable release. Fixed countless bugs. Preferences work. Airports get numbered visually. Also updated the screen shots to reflect the new game look.
Added RPM's and DEBs for easy installation.
AirTraffic-0.1b released. This version checks the distance between planes. Very basic scoring is implemented and the images are now external .png
AirTraffic-0.1a, which fixes compile problems with 0.1, was released.
AirTraffic-0.1 was released.
Put up the first preliminary screen-shots of the game in the "shots" section as well as minor changes to the rest of the site.
Moved AirTraffic to Sourceforge in anticipation of the first release.

3.3 Future ideas

This is a list of ideas that have been proposed. They are in no particular order and there are time scedual for implementing these features. But if someone has an itch... drop me a note :).

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