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2.1 Getting it

You need to have specific libraries installed on your system to compile and use this software. For the client that is the following (this is on my Debian-woody system):

and for the server:

All these libraries are freely available and you can probably find them all prepackaged for easy install on your system. If you don't have them installed yet you can check your distribution's package listings or download and compile your own.

There are various ways to get the sources of this project. periodicly released .tar.gz files or the CVS repository

2.1.1 Tarballs (tar.gz)

Once in a while, a tarball (.tar.gz) release is made. This is a snapshot of the development at that time. Until we have a working versions of this project the tarball will be mostly useful for the developers only, but everybody is free to try it.

You can download those tarballs here . Don't forget to bet both the ``airtraffic-<version>.tar.gz'' and ``airtraffic-client-<version>.tar.gz'' files.

2.1.2 CVS

The source of both the AirTraffic client and server are available in an online CVS repository. There are CVS clients available for almost all operating systems in the world.

Please remember that this source is the ``live'' source that the developers are working on, so it is not guaranteed to even startup (but I try to keep it compiling, at least).

There are three repositories, one for the client, one for the server and one for the documentation. Maybe a forth module will be made to hold the IDL (corba interface definitions) files, since they are shared by both the server and the client, but the jury is still out on that one.

To obtain the latest sources, make sure that you have CVS installed give the following commands in a terminal:

$ cvs login

There is no password, so just press [enter] when asked for one. After this, to get the server sources give the following command:

$ cvs -z3 checkout airtraffic

and the following for the client sources:

$ cvs -z3 checkout airtraffic-client

If you already have the source ``checked-out'' you can can simply get an update by giving the following command in the directory that the checkout made:

$ cvs update

There's also a web-based CVS interface available.

2.1.3 Packages

Because of the many problems and incompatibilities between the various versions of libraries, distributions and operating systems I've stopped building packages myself. It also takes a lot of time to keep track of the ever changing requirements of the binaries, and I'd rather spend that time developing AirTraffic in general. If someone wants to prepackage for me, I am happy to provide those packages here.

2.2 Installing it

In the future it will only be needed to get the ``airtraffic-client'' program, but since there is still no simulation server network with meta servers and all that, you will also have to get the ``airtraffic'' program.

To install the files run:

$ ./

program in the main archive directories of both ``airtraffic'' and ``airtraffic-client''. This will install things into /usr/local/*. If you don't want that read INSTALL for information on how to customize your installation.

2.3 Starting it

  1. You will have to start the meta server (until the global meta-server is up and running, that is). You can do this by giving the following command:

    $ ./airtraffic --meta

    This starts the meta server.

  2. Then the next step is to start the simulation server. the following command starts the sim-server:

    $ ./airtraffic

  3. When all of the server stuff is up and running start then start as a last step the airtraffic-client program. Give the

    $ ./airtraffic-client


2.3.1 Since version 0.3.3

Since 0.3.3 you have the choice to just start the airtraffic-client. when you then try to start a simulation, it notices that there's no server alive, and it will allow you to startup a meta and simulation server. Only catch is that you will have to kill them manually.

2.4 Using it

For some simple use documentation, see the screenshot's page.
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