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6 User Documention

User documentation is non-existent at the moment. This is mostly because at the moment it is not very useful to non-developers. This game will try to be as intuitive as possible, but we can see things getting complex.

Look here for answers to your questions. If the answer is not here you can join the AirTraffic users mailing list and ask your question there. You can subscribe to the list.

6.1 Simulation idea

The following is not realized at the moment but it is what we are working on. The idea is that the simulator will be a mix between a game and an ATC simulator.

If you think of AirTraffic as a bunch of cooperating air traffic controllers, it is easy to see how it could make a very involved multi-player game. A player chooses what kind of controller they want to take as role and they get put into that situation. It is possible to make it a "jump-in" game, since a game is continues with planes coming in and leaving. If a player is fed up with it, they drop out of the game, and a AI takes over. Similarly, if all places for a certain kind of controller are taken in the running games are taken, a new area or airport is generated for them to jump into. With the use of AI, a single player game will be almost like a multi-player game, though chatting might be limited :).

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